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'Sorta Enlightened' is an admission that no matter how much we learn as we move towards enlightenment, there's always room to grow. It's the acknowledgment that faith is necessary and new insights are available as long as we search for them. Spirit is in every action, every situation, and every person as long as we remain open to hear the call and listen. 

500 E-RYT with over 1000 hours leading yoga and meditation classes in studio, private, and large event settings.

Passionate Essential Oil educator with a growing national team of wellness advocates and a deep reverence for our planet.

Experienced Tarot Reader at public and private events with a gift for deeply connecting and listening to clients.

Reiki Healer with the ability to thoughtfully hold space for individuals seeking spiritual connection, chakra alignment, and deep relaxation.

Ordained Minister welcoming opportunities to connect audiences, share insight, and lead heart-centered events.


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