kristin booth

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Beyond weekly local classes in Austin, TX Kristin has taught at many workshops and events locally and beyond. Her greatest passion is using ritual and spiritual practices as tools to access one’s voice, healing, and as a means to change our world for the better.


Kristin is a facilitator with Off The Mat Into The World, an international organization that uses the tools of yoga and meditation as foundational practices of self-awareness and self- accountability to evoke and support grassroots change. She leads a purpose-driven leadership program called Yoga In Action (YIA) that brings the Off The Mat experience of self-inquiry and sustainable action to a local level.




Kristin is an experienced and highly gifted storyteller and can captivate an audience with her wit and heartfelt speech. As an ordained minister, she can bring a soulful voice to a gathering and as a teacher she can uncover opportunities to lead a group to deeper understanding. She welcomes opportunities to speak and write about her passions and loves opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people and organizations.